Sunday, September 20, 2015

Let's "Bern" down the DNC!


While reading through my news feed on Facebook, I ran across the following message: 
"Yesterday I tabled for Bernie at the LA [Los Angeles] county fair. There was a booth for the LA county democratic party. They had NO information on Bernie and no merchandise for him either. We offered them some of our Bernie stuff and they declined saying that they and the state party would be endorsing Hillary and sending delegates for her to the national convention. I asked how they could know that 10 months before our primary and they said they choose delegates 4 months before the primary. When I said that was undemocratic and corrupt, they shrugged."
After reading the post, my mind quickly shifted to lines from one of my favorite movies: "How High," starring Red Man and Method Man.
Bart: “That's against the rules!”
Coach: “What rules? Who cares? Do you guys care about the rules?”
[All] “No.”
Coach: “There you go.” 
This strong-arm behavior from the DNC and Hillary Rodham Clinton's camp is the very reason Sen. Sanders' supporters have to dig in our heals and fight fire with fire. Clinton knows the importance of Delegates because they thwarted her 2008 bid for the Presidency. This time, it appears that the Clinton camp is perched to play hardball in the delegate race. 


To become the Democratic Nominee, a candidate needs roughly 2,250 candidates. As previously reported, the Clinton camp brags of having secured 440+ Super-Delegates, but Clinton also knows that Super-Delegates are not "pledged" delegates, and "pledged" delegates are needed most. Since some states have yet to roll out their delegate selection plans, it's baffling how the state of California has already decided to send delegates to the Convention in support of Clinton? For sure, if such is the case, there is something awry within the Democratic Party, and of this, we are well aware. The fact that there are only six (6) debates serves as proof that the Democratic Party is trying every trick in the book to win the nomination for Clinton, but we can stop the coronation of Hillary that the DNC is so hell bent on shoving down the throats of Americans. 

"Bern" this mutha out!

There is time to prepare for the full frontal attack that the Clinton camp is determined to wage. Here's the plan:

  1. Visit MyTimeToVote to learn everything there is to know about the political machine in your state. 
  2. Join Delegates for Bernie Sanders to learn the machinations of the delegate selection process and either apply and run as a delegate or find someone in your neck of the woods to run as a delegate for Sen. Sanders.
  3. Take the "Bernie or Bust" pledge to show the DNC that we mean business. 
  4. Sign up at Rock the Vote for your online voting took kit and get people registered to vote.
  5. Sign the petition and...DO NOT DONATE TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY
  6. Share Sen. Sanders' Agenda for America: 12-Steps Forward to make people aware of where Sen. Sanders stand on the issues.
If "We Stand Together," we can pull off the biggest coup in democratic history, so let's unite and "Bern" down the DNC.